Understand your target market and quickly
access your customers, partners and top
manpower in Brazil

Launch your business in Latin America focusing
on what works

Understand your target market and quickly access your customers, partners and top manpower in Brazil

Launch your business in Latin America focusing on what works


We come to the table as a partner rather than a service provider, combining our business acumen in Latin America with amazing technical experience and the ability to execute quickly and efficiently, taking your business to market, at speed.

We leverage Brazilian and foreign companies’ growth in Latin America through our exclusive business development methodology “CX Growth”, delivering not only results but also quick market feedback to any expansion endeavors.

Whether you are a startup with a great product or spearheading Latin America expansion in a larger enterprise, CX Solutions not only boosts your go to market speed but also provides you with actionable market feedback, thus providing your company an end-to-end business development chain, delivering results in record time.

Focus on what works

Validate your target market thtough meetings with prospects and sales. Nothing more insightful than getting feedback directly from your ICP in Latin America.

Solid Experience

15+ years’ experience in sales, partnership development selling to Small, Medium and Larger Enterprises in Brazil and Latam.

On demand

Fully remote team distributed in strategic cities throughout Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.


Strategically position your business in Latin America and scale your sales focusing on what works.

Free consulting meeting

Tell us about your business and a bit of your expansion plans to Latin America. We will provide you with a 90-day plan based on your goals and business capabilities.

Operations setup

The plan is approved, and we are ready to start with your business operations. We will provide you with market data, insights, resources, playbooks and the connections needed to speed up your position in the market.

Trial period

Over a period of 90 days, we will apply CX Growth methodology for performing the key experiments that will lead to your playbook of business development in the region. You will get to deeply know your ICP’s key needs and profile. We will deliver you a complete set of intelligence and market feedback for strategically positioning your business.

Local setup and growth

With a favorable market feedback, you can either move forwards to a local setup through CX Solutions services like: Company formation or Team building or keep exploring the market potential through CX Solutions BaaS (Business as a Service). Whether just testing the waters of the Latin American market or going bigger on your expansion plans, CX Solutions will make you succeed in every part of the journey.


CX Solutions provides you with the right services for every step of your expansion journey:

Market Research

Deeper understanding of your market in Brazil and Latin America with exclusive and actionable insights on your target Market Primary and secondary research. Real time interviews, manual and automated phone surveys (B2B and B2C)

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Business as a Service

Initiate your expansion journey by testing the waters of the market though a ready-to-sell sales  team in Latin America.

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CX Ops

Advance in your expansion plan by keeping the engines running properly 24x7. We are your ready to work Support, Project and Sales areas in Latin America.

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Team Building

Scale in your expansion endeavors by attracting and onboarding on-demand superstar manpower to your operations in Latin America.

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Company formation

Consolidate your presence in Latin America by form aly starting your business in Latin America. CX Solutions Company Formation removes the lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, and much more.

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About us


We are a network of business partners based in Latin America, well established in several market niches as well as connected to the most relevant Universities, technology hubs and professionals.

We deliver you cost-effective on-demand solutions for developing your business in Brazil. We are straightforward and focused on “what works” to grow your business simpler and faster in Latam.

Deeper understanding of Brazilian market, consuming lifestyle and buying mindset.


Leonardo de Paula


Roberto de Souza

Partner and Head of Sales